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 Deadman's Jutsus

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PostSubject: Deadman's Jutsus   Deadman's Jutsus EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 10:44 pm

Here are my Personal Jutsus:

Level 1

- Water style: Tsunami Wall.
Strength - fire style lvl 3 or less.
Weakness - ice style lvl 2 or more.
Range - short to med.
Description - a simple wall of tsunami that blocks any level one or two attack from the opponent for a short period of time, when the wall of water rises it charges and drifts away the attack towards the opponent but he can stay still and avoid the hit, but if he doesn't stay still it might drift him away a few meters, this needs (3) seals.

- Wind style: Stunning Tornado.
Strength - water style lvl 2 or less.
Weakness - fire style lvl 3 or more.
Range - med.
Description - a tornado that stuns your opponent for a few seconds so you could attack him more easily, but if the user takes more than 5 seconds to attack the stunned opponent the tornado will disappear, this requires (2) seals then you hold the last seal for (3) seconds.

- Fire style: Rapid Comets.
Strength - lightning and wood style lvl 3 or less.
Weakness - water style lvl 2 or or more.
Range - med.
Description - you fire mini fire balls rapidly, the attack could cause minor burns on the opponent's skin or could just knock out flying weapons to the ground, this jutsu requires (4) seals.

- Water style: Violet Steam Spray
Strength - fire style lvl 3 or less
Weakness - Lightning style lvl 1 or more
Range - High
Description - The user holds only one hand as a seal fore the jutsu, then he blows a huge amount of steam that causes a fog of high heat that the opponent can't take (but the sandstorm villager's know how to fight with high heat) and that will weaken the opponent so that the user gets more advantage in his attacks, plus the jutsu makes the vision for the opponent hard so you'll get an upper hand (when releasing the jutsu) because you see him and he doesn't see you, this jutsu requires only (2) seals and holding one of your hands in chakara gathering position.

- Lightning Style: Ground Pulse Level
Strength: Earth Style
Weakness: Wind Style
Range: Short Range; Small Area of Effect
Duration: 1 Turn
Description: The user sends a small amount of electricity into the ground around them shocking anything within the immediate area.

- Lightning Style: Electro Whip Level 1
Strength: Earth Style lvl 2 or less
Weakness: Wind Style
Range: Mid Range
Duration: 1 Turn
Description: The user channels his/her chakra into a fine carved whip made of lightning chakra. The enemy is shocked on contact causing numbness.

- Fire Style: Oil Spray Level 1
Strength: N/A
Weakness: N/A
Range: Short Range; Wide Area of Effect
Duration: All Rounds; Until used
Description: The user spits oil out of their mouth that can be easily lit on fire easily. This oil also makes the ground slippery.

- Light Style: Angel Wings
Strength: Solid Ground
Weakness: Wet Ground
Range: N/A
Description: You gather some chakra in your legs then jump 300 feet in the air with force, you can also balance your self to stay in the air for a few seconds and land safely.

Level 2

- Fire style: Fire Spear.
Strength - water style lvl 2 or less.
Weakness - wind style lvl 3 or more.
Range - very high
Description - A long, big and thick beam of fire that could reach the opponent in any rang and in a few seconds, it can cause a serious and sometimes dangerous injury to the opponent but it can be dogged easily, this technique is similar to sasuke's "Chidori Spear" but less effective, this jutsu requires (4) seals.

- Ninja art: Invisible Combo.
Strength - wind style lvl 2 or less.
Weakness - water style lvl 3 or more.
Range - short.
Description - a strong combo that can't be seen because of its high speed, it is a combination of fast attack that start by throwing your opponent in the air to preform the attacks, but it needs high amounts of chakara, you have to gather a lot of chakara before the attack.

- Fire Style: Overheat Level 2
Strength: N/A
Weakness: N/A
Range: Entire Field
Duration: 2 Rounds or until another Field Effect jutsu is used, whichever is first.
Description: FIELD EFFECT: HIGH HEAT - Causes the area to heat up drastically, parting Storm/Rain Clouds, and causing High Winds and Sand Storm to die down, increasing the power of Fire Style Jutsu. Can return jutsu powered up by field effects to normal, can also reduce the power of "Wind Style" moves.

- Lightning Style: Lightning Mine Level 2
Strength: Earth Style
Weakness: Wind Style
Range: Mid Range; Wide Area of Effect
Duration: 1 Turn; 2 shots
Description: Grants the user the ability to launch 2 small balls of light that travel over the ground and explode when the user commands causing miniature explosions of electricity.

- Dark Style: In-total Darkness
Strength: Dark Style
Weakness: Light Style + Cristal Style
Range: N/A
Duration: 1 Turn
Description: I hit 1 seal and the whole field goes dark, I disappear in the darkness while my opponent can see everything (darker) but he can't see me "because I'm disappeared".

Level 3

- Fire style: lotus falcon.
Strength - wood style lvl 3 or less.
Weakness - water style lvl 4 or more.
Range - N/A.
Description - this move is special because it is a Collaboration Jutsu between many fire style jutsus, using the lotus style, it is a simple attack with high impact, you open 4 gates, jump high in the air and then you head towards your enemy with a huge fist to the heart with a fire falcon around you, the attack will push your enemy back leaving him exhausted due to the hit that targets the heart of the opponent and that will cut his breath for a short period with high damage to the chest, this technique requires at least 1/2 a minute of chakara gathering, it can leave the user completely exhausted.

- Lightning Style: Static Dome Shield Level 3
Strength: Earth Style lvl 4 or less
Weakness: Wind Style lvl 5
Range: Short Range; Small Area of Effect
Duration: 1 Turn
Description: This is Jutsu that creates a large dome of static electricity over the user. Protects against projectiles, weapons, and jutsus.

- Ninja Art: Wild Seance
Strength: N/A
Weakness: N/A
Range: Very Short Range
Duration: Parts of a second.
Description: This jutsu doesn't need any seals or high amounts chakra, when an opponent or a jutsu gets too close to you and aims to hit you directly you activate this jutsu quickly and transport from your location to another safe location away from the danger zone and away from your opponent, this jutsu is very quick and you can activate it as soon as you feel any seance of danger, it can even be activated when the threat is behind you, and you don't use your hands to activate this jutsu, it is activated by brain power "your own will".

Level 4

- Genjutsu: Izanagi Visual Claim (KG Specific Dojutsu)
Strength - Earth level 5 or less
Weakness - Lightning level 2 or more
Range - High
Duration - 1 Round
Description: You create a world (a globe that surrounds the field) of your Reaper Eye that you could move 5 times faster in and your opponent gets distracted by the Inazagi illusions, so you have the ability to hit him freely, he better take a defense position or he will be pawed. You don't get to use any jutsus or chakra flow inside the globe though but you can use weapons.
Chakra - 20 seconds
Hand Seals - 10 rapidly.

- Lightning Style: Storm Fang Level 4
Strength: Earth Style lvl 5 or less
Weakness: Wind Style lvl 5
Range: Long Range
Duration: 1 Turn; 1 Tiger
Description: User creates 1 humongous electric Tiger which races forward at high speeds to hit the opponent with high force. Tiger can only move in a straight line, plus he can chop the opponent without touching (5 meters Max distance to chop).

- Summon Jutsu: Summoning Gedo Statue
Strength: Summons lvl 4 or less
Weakness: Forbidden Jutsus lvl 5
Range: High Range
Duration: 1 Turn
Description: I hit 5 seals and summon the mighty Gedo, he is very large and powerful, he can knock and crush anything with his arms, he can defeat any clone or summon who is lvl 4 or less, he can heal my all injuries by sacrificing half of my chakra. But he can't move or move quickly, and he disappears after the round is over.

Level 5

- Gravity Release: Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God
Strength: N/A
Weakness: Transportation Jutsus
Range: Extreme High Range
Duration: 1 Giant Pulse
Description: I lift myself high in the sky and hold my arms up and pulse a furious pulse of gravity to the ground and destroy everything in the battle field and destroy my opponent, if he manages to escape in any way the pulse will continue and knock him down "without direct contact" breaking his bones and tearing his tissues, this jutsu will clear every single thing in the field "no matter what it is" and leave the battle field a waste land with no seance of life.
This Jutsu uses up 90% of my chakra, and it needs about a minute of chakra gathering before the Jutsu, but it doesn't need seals.

**** Learn from me guys!
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Deadman's Jutsus
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