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 [Help Thread]: How To Download Videos From YouTube

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PostSubject: [Help Thread]: How To Download Videos From YouTube   Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:07 pm

Are you sick of watching videos from youtube that you wish to download?
this thread will give you the easiest and the fastest and the saffest way to download videos from you tube!


The 3 Steps

*Step 1:

Open the video you want to download and puese it.


*Step 2:

Go to the link bar and highlight the word (youtube).


Then instead of the word (youtube) type (voobys).


Then press Enter.

*Step 3:

After the page is loaded you will see this page:


Then just press on (DOWNLOAD VIDEO).
Then in about 2 minutes you will have the video on your computer to watch, edit and to upload to other sites.



- Don't downlaod too many videos or your computer might be affected by a VIRUS.

- Don't put your P.C in a risk by downloading illegal videos, you can know them if they don't open or are removed or give you error signs or contain illegal clips (abuse, sexual sence....etc).

- If you have an old kind of media player or an unoriginal one then the videos you download will not open, so if you want to download videos well and watch them you must have a good kind of media player.


In the end I hope that you all have fun with the videos you download, and if you face any problems then PM me and i'll garantie you an answer.
And with this thread I think I have shown you how helpful and useful i am, and thank you for your attention!
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[Help Thread]: How To Download Videos From YouTube
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