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 How To Become a Temple Monk

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PostSubject: How To Become a Temple Monk   Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:03 am

To notify you:

1- Monks work ALONE, they can only make allies.

2- You can only START as a Monks, you can't leave your village and become a Monk (unless it's destroyed), and you can never become a Rogue.

3- You can join a village if the Kage trusts you enough, but you can leave the village "for a good reason" (but with all the village's secrets), so trusting a Monk is a very hard decision (they can piss you off anytime).

4- Being a Monk is kinda tough, you have been warned.

5- No member can become a Monk before passing the "Nindera Quest".

6- Mainly, a Monk's aim is to either become a kage of an allied village (you should think how), or to reach the highest rank in BETA (Elder Sage), only then he will get a free nation and some awesome prizes!

Lets start

Monk Rules & Statics:

1. To start as Monk you need more than 50 posts and your rep power should be higher than 10, and you should go through the Nindera Quest.

2. You can turn down any alliance offer from anyone.

3. You are allowed to visit villages and talk with there villagers to gain experience.

4. Your starting rank is Chunin with a 5pp bonus.

5. When you ally with a village you can train in there academy and use the hospital, and battle for them and do missions for them (with the price you both agree on).

6. You can train on your free space jutsus on the hands of other ninjas (for half price), or in the academy of an ally village (if it's free then you don't pay, otherwise you should buy it).

7. You can ask a Medical Ninja to heal you "when injured" by paying 3pp to him.

8. You should buy your own weapons unless you are allied with a village and you have permission to use there weapons, if not you will pay 3pp monthly.

9. Before you ally with a village you should pay a fine to its Kage (Chunin 7pp, Jonin 10pp) or he might add a few more points if he doesn't highly trust you, but he can forgive you and let you in for FREE.

10. You can enter the Jonin Exams.

11. A Monk can teach anyone there Jutsus, but they specify the price (not more than double or less than half of the original cost).

12. If you don't have any pp left and no village will rent you or help you will be given a 5 week chance to gain pp in any way, if you don't you will die!!!

13. Monks DON'T have organizations or groups, they are lonely (unless they join a village "alliance").

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How To Become a Temple Monk
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