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 Missing Ninjas (Rogues)

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PostSubject: Missing Ninjas (Rogues)   Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:58 am

If you leave your village you will become a Missing Ninja.

Before you rebel you should have at least 100 posts and over 20 rep power.

Here are the statics of a Missing Ninja:

1. You have the same jutsus you had in your village "with the jutsus you bought" (plus weapons), or you could create a whole new jutsu sheet "Jonin Template", but you still keep the jutsus you bought, and you might be allowed to create a new weapon.

2. You have the same KG of your clan (or the one you bought).

3. The same headband but with a scratch on it, if you start as Rogue (after you pass some tough tests) you will have a scratched (?) on your headband, *Notice*: this situation is very very rare in the system!

4. You can join/create organizations and gather other missing ninjas.

5. The organizations work for a certain aim (like destroying a certain village).

6. No member can rebel before passing the "Kage Exams".

7. An Org has no VP so either the leader pays any cost or they split it up between them.

8. You can't attack a leader of an Org until there are no members left in his group, or if he desires to battle you.

9. An Org doesn't start with an official land, it will start with a forbidden hideout.

10. Rogues DIE, they will die when they are over injured or if they were defeated brutally by a handicap, and if you die you will have to start all over again!!!

11. Rogues don't have a choice to decline a battle, and they could get handicapped in wars (3 ninjas max.), if you get handicapped each ninja who handicaps you will fight you in a separate battle with your injuries "you don't get healed till the handicap is over" and if you are over injured you die, you could prevent this though by asking help from other team-mates, if they are lower than the number of ninjas who handicapped you will have to battle the rest by your self (each team-mate helping you will fight 1 ninja ONLY).


1. You get to train other organization members your jutsus for half the price.

2. Your organization can have as many wars as they want (and when they want) but they need to pay 5pp for each war (except the first one).

3. If a Kage provided a rebelled villager with Infinite weapons (before he rebelled) he keeps them without any payments for them till the village gets destroyed, otherwise you should pay 3pp monthly.

3. You don't have to raise your rank because you are an S-class Criminal, but you will be applied with a Jonin Template.

4. You get to learn as many jutsus as you wish but if you extend the Jonin Template you will have to pay an extra 5pp for each extra jutsu you learn.

5. Your organization doesn't die until all members leave/die, so you can't attack an Org directly.

6. You can split any cost on the Org between members (you agree on the price each one pays).

7. You can gain PPs by winning battles (+1 point each battle "even if you don't win"), Complete any of the Akatsuki Missions (See "Akatsuki Missions" in the "Missions" section), or destroy a village.

8. An Org destroying a village will dominate its lands.

9. If an Org win all battles in a war, they will have the ability to take half of that village's VP to split up between members equally (except if it's an odd number, in this situation the leader gets an extra point).


1. You have monthly payments.

2. You don't get to enter contests and missions (except the "Akatsuki Missions").

3. You are targeted by everyone because a person who defeats a Missing Ninja gets a double prize with many other awards, his death = 50pp (if handicapped they split them up equally).

4. You could get handicapped in wars.

5. You get no Medical Ninja or Hospital you should wait till you are healed (unless you have a medical ninja in your group).

6. The leader changes monthly according to the group's votes.

7. You should be very active to stay alive (post every 10 days).

8. You can't join a village or become a Monk, and if your organization dies and there is no other organization to take you you will die in only 3 week.

9. To create a group "Organization" you need at least 3 members (including you), plus you need to pay 6pp, but you can split the costs between the members.

10. You pay a personal point monthly, just to stay alive.

11. If an Org is destroyed any missing ninja can buy it with only 3pp (revive it).

*** Important Notice: Don't think you can just join a village to rebel and become a Rogue, you should have a persuading reason to rebel, plus, only excellent fighters can become Rogues. And remember that Rogues are wanted by everyone, and I insure you all that they will be RARE, and if you want to enter the system as a Rogue "forbidden Rogue" (just like I did) you should pass some very tough Beta Tests.

Organization Creation Template:

Name: "Your Org's Name".

Details: "Info about your Org including: Location, Statics, It's aim (reason of creation), History, Biography...etc".

Creator: "The Creator's Name".

Current Leader: "The Leader Who the members voted on".

Members: "A list of the members who joined".

Dominated Lands: "A list of the villages the Org has defeated and the lands they currently control".

Notice: "Anything you wish to say to the members".

It's very cool but extremely difficult to be a missing ninja, so be careful when you rebel!!!

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Missing Ninjas (Rogues)
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