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 The Mission Rules

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The Mission Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Mission Rules   The Mission Rules EmptyMon Sep 27, 2010 8:25 pm

*Mission Rules:

*** Remember: If you apply for a mission it will be PMed to you so you could work it out.



*Who they are open to:

--Genin or higher can take up D and E rank missions.
Chunin or higher can take up B and C rank missions.
Jonin can take up S and A rank missions.

Unless otherwise specified.


*Village Rewards:

Villages will not get any specific missions to go on, but they will eventually be able to get a reward for the number of villagers that pass a mission. The number is currently undetermined.


*How do I apply for a mission?:

Simple. Read the Missions Board for available missions.

Then you just make a thread, and then one of the assigned instructors will help you. To acquire the mission, you must include either parenthesis "()", brackets "[]" or these things "{}" in the title. Inside the bracket, you need to put the rank of mission you are looking to take. Behind the brackets, you put your name.

For example, these would be acceptable:

(E-Rank Mission) Deadman
[E-Rank Mission] Deadman
{E-Rank Mission} Deadman.

Anything else, is unacceptable.


*To Instructors for Missions:

Ignore requests that don't follow the format.

When you take someone up on his/her mission, add "vs. [your name]" to the end of the thread title. I'll give you power to do that.

For example,

(E-Rank Mission) Deadman Vs. TDS

After the match, or matchups, change the title of the topic again.

The topic title should look like this, when the mission is complete:

(Mission Complete) Deadman

Preferably with parenthesis.

After that, sticky the battle, and it will be judged.

Instructor Templates:Unless the mission opponent has a designated template, you are free to make a template as you please, following the template rules in "that" thread.

To Judges: Only official WS judges may judge. And remember, they do not have to win.

When you judge a battle, after you have decided that a mission is a success or failure, change the topic again.

It should now look like this:

(Mission Success) Deadman
(Mission Failed) Deadman

Ok, Go for it!
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The Mission Rules
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