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 Clan Submission

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Clan Submission  Empty
PostSubject: Clan Submission    Clan Submission  EmptyThu Sep 30, 2010 11:17 pm

Submit your clans in this section "not this thread"!

--- You can only be in one clan EVER, but you can quit your KG and buy a new one ---

Clan creation template:

- Name: Clan's Name (preferably Japanese or Arabic).

- Description: Say every single detail about it (Location, Uniform, History, Reasons and Aims, Powers, Biography..etc).

- KG Symbol: What is the symbol in your body that proves that you hold the clan's KG (Scar, Eye, Colors..etc).

- KG Activations: Your clan's KG, Read the "KG Rules" for more info.

--- The can's will be filtered then approved ----
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Clan Submission
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