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 The Kage Exam

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PostSubject: The Kage Exam   The Kage Exam EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 2:06 am

To become a kege "create a village", go through my test that I pm to you.

It goes like this:

go through these six matches and judge each one. As you judge you should break down what happens after each turn, provide a verdict, and an adequate explanation of why the battle turned out the way it did. These battles are expected to follow the updated rules, and not the old beta rules, so as you judge remember to look for chakra amounts, proper jutsu usage, and good role playing.

Some of these matches may have clear cut winners, others may not. It is your job to discern which shinobi is victorious, there will be no double disqualifications, you must choose a winner and a loser. There will be no one exact answer, because this excercise isn't a quiz, it's simply testing your ability to judge. Once you are finished judging all six battles PM Deadman your commentary and verdicts.

When you PM me, pm your verdict and commentary only. Do not send me the entire battles, I already know what they are.

Using a Jutsu not on the Jutsu List is not a disqalification for this Test. Just use your best judgement as to what it does.

Weapons all work like they normally would, no special properties

No limits on kunai, shuriken, etc for the purposes of these battles.

Then you send me the results and I'll say if you pass or not.
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The Kage Exam
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