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PostSubject: Ranks   Ranks EmptyFri Oct 08, 2010 12:11 am

Ranks and how to achieve the next rank:

- Everyone will start as an E-Rank Student (not allowed to participate in anything yet).

- Pass the "Academy Test" to become a D-Rank Genin.

- Pass the "Chunin Exams" (witch will be released soon) to become a C-Rank Chunin (unless you are applied as one by your Kage or by the Council).

- Pass the "Jonin Exams" (witch will be released later on) to become a B-Rank Jonin (The Council might give some promotions to distinguished and special people).

- Pass "The Kage Exams" to become an A-Rank Kage.

- Rebel from your village (become a missing ninja) to become an S-Rank Criminal (Read the "Missing Ninjas" thread first).

- A Monk starts as a Chunin. But you should pass the "Nindera Quest" first!

- People who have proved to be the best fighters in Beta will be ranked with a highest rank in beta (Elder Sage), and he will apply to the Jonin Template "but with a few advantages".
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