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 KG Rules

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PostSubject: KG Rules   KG Rules EmptyThu Sep 30, 2010 11:23 pm



KG must be purchased when you first join the battle system and are bought by individuals. You may only have 1 Kekkei Genkai ever. Period. You don't have to have one, but can have no more than to buy a new (other than your clan's) Kekkei Genkai costs 4 points and it will replace the old one, and your clan's KG must be approved by the Judges/War Council to be sure it's not completely unfair. If you purchase a KG that has KG specific jutsu, you may also choose from those jutsu, your free character creation jutsu. You don't have too choose any of them if you don't want too, it's completely your choice. Keep in mind that picking KG specific jutsu doesn't change what or how many free jutsu you get, remember that your clan's KG is FREE!

Registration will take place in the Clan's & KGs section.

Note that buying a KG will cost you 4 points which is huge, so i suggest you create a clan or join one and gain it's KG.


There are 3 different types of KG:

- Open to All: Anyone may choose a KG that is open to all. There are no restriction on who can learn this KG.

- Village Specific: You create a clan for your village that is open for any villager who wants it, and the kage can't ban someone from having that KG and joining that clan, the KG will apply to that villager straight after he requests that in the clan thread.

- Personal: If you are a Rogue or Monk you are allowed to create your own KG, submit it in the Clans and KGs section and the war council will approve it after some minor edits to make it fair, this can only be used by 1 member "the creator" and if he dies that KG will disappear, plus, you are not allowed to teach it.
Yet, he is allowed to sell it to the shop for 4 points only. Then he could buy/purchase a new one.


All Types are allowed to use all KG activations (as long as they have a KG).
Yet, Genin are not allowed to use the third activation till they become Chunin.

KG Submission Rules:

Here are rules:

- 1. You're allowed to make as many KG as you wish, you can sell each one you make to the council if they are satisfied with it (they agree on the price). However, you may only own 1 KG, therefore you may only make 1 Personal KG if you are a rogue or a monk. Don't forget to specify the KGs you create.

- 2. You cannot limit a KG to a few select people. It's either Personal, as in just YOU can use it; Village Specific, as in EVERYONE in your village may use it; Open to All, as in EVERYONE can use it (after buying from the shop or you). So there will be no limiting a KG to just 1 or 2 people. And people may buy KGs (open to all) from other members, but you should notify the council first with the KG you're going to buy and the price.

- 3. Your KG must be unique. Making a cheap knock-off of someone elses KG won't fly.

- 6. Your KG MUST follow the correct format. KG not in the correct format WILL BE DENIED. Here's the correct format:


KG Specific Jutsu Rules:

- 1. Submit the jutsu along with the KG, it won't effect your KG if it isn't approved.

- 2. If a jutsu already exists you cannot add it to your KG.

- 3. If you add a KG specific jutsu, it must be the same type as your KG, Example: I use a Dark KG, then I'm going to create a Dark jutsu along with it.

- 4. If you're gonna create a jutsu it must follow the correct format. If it's not in the correct format.

- 5. You are allowed to have 5 KG specified jutsus only.

- 6. Village KG: You can't create KG specified jutsus for this type, you have your own village jutsus.

- 7. Open KG: If you buy an Open KG you will NOT purchase it's KG specified jutsu if you don't buy it as a separate jutsu (pay the creator not the council)

- 8. If you didn't purchase a KG, you cannot submit KG jutsu.

- 9. For each KG jutsu you submit, the Council will give it a level just like a normal jutsu. That jutsu's level will tell you how much we'll tax you.

Level 1 Jutsu: 1 PP
Level 2 Jutsu: 2 PP
Level 3 Jutsu: 3 PP
Level 4 Jutsu: 4 PP
Level 5 Jutsu: 8 PP

BE WARNED! - Just because you create it, submit it, and get taxed for it doesn't mean you get it. The tax you pay for creating it, if you have a KG you can only purchase the jutsus to that KG only.

- 10. If you create a Level 5 KG jutsu, then you can never have a Level 5 jutsu ever, unless you sell your KG (jutsus will be kept in the council till the KG user decides to buy it from the creator), so be careful when you create a Level 5 jutsu for your own KG "or if you buy it".


KG chakra limits: If you use a KG activation it will prevent you from using some other abilities in that Round (KG activation, Weapon Chakra Flow), plus if you use a KG activation there are some disadvantages along with it in the Round you used it in:

1st Activation = Cannot use any other KG activation or Weapon Chakra Flow.
2nd Activation = Decrease your speed + Cannot use any KG activation or Weapon Chakra Flow.
3rd Activation = Decrease your Attack, Defense + Decrease your speed + Cannot use any other chakra usage.
KG activation or Weapon Chakra Flow.

* Notice: It's important to know that you can't use 3rd KG activation if you have used a lvl 4 or 5 jutsu in a round, otherwise KG don't effect your jutsus in any way, plus he can't use more than one in a round, and you can't use the same activation you have used again in the battle.
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KG Rules
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