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 Jutsu Rules & Guides

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PostSubject: Jutsu Rules & Guides    Jutsu Rules & Guides  EmptyThu Sep 30, 2010 9:40 pm

The Jutsu Rules


::WARNING!:: - Judges can auto disqualify you for not following the general jutsu rules.

1. How you write your jutsu into your turn is very important. Judges want to be able to make quick decisions on matches. So, to make it easier to do so, we added in the "((insert jutsu here))" or in BOLD. It's simple, just be sure to surround the jutsu you use with parentheses. This allows them to quickly and easily check for whether people stuck to the level limit, it also helps spot proper jutsu usage.

2. If you don't own a jutsu YOU CAN'T USE IT! This one SHOULD be self explanatory.

3. Use correct spelling at all times. If a judge can't tell what jutsu you're using at first glance they can totally count it against you.

4. Unless stated otherwise, any jutsu you use only lasts 1 turn! This means that if you use Fire Style: Burning Cards, and you only use 51 out of your 52 cards, the left over card WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO USE ON YOUR NEXT TURN! YOU'LL NEED TO USE THE JUTSU AGAIN!
Another example, Wind Style: Wind Strike will only last 1 turn. If you want to keep using it on your next turn, YOU'LL NEED TO USE THE JUTSU AGAIN!

5. In any 1 battle there are restrictions on high level jutsu. These restrictions do not change regardless of rank:

*You may only use 1 Level 5 jutsu per battle.
*You may only use 2 Level 4 jutsu per battle.
*In any turn where you use a Level 4 jutsu, you may only use level 4 or lower jutsu. You are Not allowed to use 2 level 4 jutsus in 1 turn.
*In any turn where you use a Level 5 jutsu, you may only perform 1 other jutsu that's Level 2 or 1.

This ends the general rules section.



There is a WEAKNESS and a STRENGTH for each jutsu. Now there are no limitations to the jutsus, none whatsoever, this is a guideline to be followed though. That does not mean that because a jutsu is Level 3 you cannot use it against a Level 4 jutsu, what it means is that if you do decide to use it you will probably get hurt or the jutsu might fail. Think of the weakness and strength info as boundaries of the jutsu, boundaries that can be crossed at a price and sometimes that price will pay for you and sometimes it will not.


Ok, for jutsus, keep in mind that each jutsu has a level and an element. As a GENERAL rule of thumb, a jutsu A that hits another jutsu B of the same level it is strong against, will completely nullify jutsu B and gain strength.

So say Fire Style: Dragon's Breath (level 2 fire) is used against a Wind Style: Wind Scar (level 2 wind). The wind jutsu will be completely nullified and the fire jutsu will gain strength (but not enough to make it a level 3).
However, if the wind style had been Wind Style: Vortex (level 3 wind), the fire jutsu would have been put out, but the wind jutsu would be weakened.

Again, this is a GENERAL RULE OF THUMB, as there will be exceptions, plus, some jutsu types such as crystal don't have jutsus which are stronger or weaker than it, so you got to think before you put the strengths and weaknesses.


There is a RANGE for each jutsu too. Again there are no limitations to where you use the jutsu, you can cast any jutsu anywhere at any time. The info is here to tell you the maximum distance of how far away from the user the jutsu's effects can go before it wears itself out/dissipates, so you can have a better chance of success with the jutsu. Here's a reference for anyone who's confused as to how far for each Range(Given in feet):

Very Close Range 0 - 3 ft.
Short Range 4 - 10 ft.
Mid Range 11 - 25 ft.
Long Range 25+ ft.

The ranges could be radios, but you should mention that in the discretion.

If a jutsu doesn't have an area of effect listed in their range, it just means that the area of effect for that jutsu is so small it's not worth mentioning.

Next, every jutsu has a DURATION field, as jutsu can only last for so long. Typically, each jutsu only lasts a turn. If you want to keep using the jutsu after this amount of time, you'll need to use the jutsu again, just remember this costs you more chakra.

Lastly, something you should all keep in mind both when you plan out your moves and when you judge matches. Higher level jutsu take longer to cast than lower level jutsu. It's that simple. Don't expect to be able to quickly counter your opponents level 1 jutsu with a level 5 jutsu and get away with it. Yes, level 5 jutsu will beat out level 1 jutsu in terms of power, but the chances that you'll be able to cast a level 5 fast enough is unlikely. It all balances out that way, still smartness can give you better chances to escape level 5 Jutsus (maybe with a Shuriken).


You can only summon 3 clones max of any combination of clone jutsu per battle. You cannot summon 1 Ninja clone and then 3 Wind clones.

All level 2 clone jutsu are allowed a maximum of 3 clones for the entire battle. Also all level 2 clones cannot use Jutsu, they only have their special clone abilities.

All level 3 or higher clones have a specific amount of max clones listed in their description, and these clones do have the ability to use Jutsu. The Jutsu that the clones use count towards the chakra limit of the user. However the clones have a separate count of Jutsu per turns equal to that of the user.

For Example: If a Chunin character uses Ninja Art: Ninja Clone Level 4. That clone could use Any level 3 or lower jutsu that the chunin character knows. But any jutsu it uses still comes out of your chakra pool. On the plus side, it can use 2 jutsu in combination with the Chunin level users 3 jutsu.

All Clones can perform basic punches and kicks. Clones do not come with personal weapons or any ninja tools. If you want them to use personal weapons or ninja tools, you must give up tools that you have to them. Clones cannot be created anywhere and everywhere. Clones are made next to the user within a short range distance.

---And about Summons: You can summon anything as long as it is listed as a separate Jutsu and you don't God Mod it, the summon's power and abilities are specified in the Jutsu description, the more stronger they are the higher their level is.


Jutsus don't effect the field unless they naturally do so, like if you blow fire on ashes, or you use poison with plants around you.

Field Effects only last 2 rounds max, or until another Field Effect is put into play.


Defensive jutsu can block almost all other jutsu that are of the same level as the defense jutsu you used or lower.

I say almost for 2 reasons:

Elemental strengths and weaknesses still apply. If a level 3 fire move hits a level 3 earth defense, then it should be blocked without problem. However if a level 3 lightning move hits a level 3 earth defense move, it will break through the earth defense and cause 50% of its damage.

And remember to keep track of directions, a jutsus might be heading towards you from behind, in this position the shield won't help you.


Just don't God Mod it, and remember that this type is very powerful.

Only Jonin Rank and higher may use Level 5 jutsu

Hand Seals & Chakra Amounts:

Of Course you must right the number of hand seals you will uses and the amount of chakra it needs plus the seconds or minutes of chakra gathering (ex: it needs 5 hand seals and 10 seconds of chakra gathering, it needs a huge amount of chakra.), this is used to make the jutsu more realistic.

Some Tips:

- If your jutsu is powerful then you need at least 30 seconds of chakra gathering.
- If your jutsu is complicated or stay for a long time then you need a large number of hand seals (at least 7).
- If your justs is huge "long ranged or causes huge destruction", then you will use up a lot of chakra, that will limit your attack, defense, speed till the next turn (due to your low chakra).

But there are many exceptions, theses tips don't acquire to everything, this depends on your experience and smartness to create a perfect jutsu, but if it's not perfect then the War Council will edit it for you to make it look more realistic.


Let me be very clear. Unless you have the exact same jutsu that your opponent is using, the chances that you'll be able to recognize a jutsu is relatively slim. This means, that if your opponent used Aqua Jet and you own Fire Jet, you can't be saying, "I know that jutsu, because I own it it's just a different element."

Similar jutsu, different element means different handsigns used for activation.

Jutsu Template

- Jutsu Name: The name of your Jutsu

- Type and Level: The element of the jutsu and It's level (You can also add a jutsu type like Genjutsu if it's a Genjutsu).

- Strength: Element that make it stronger + the most level of it (most level is optional).

- Weakness: Element that make it weaker + the least level of it (least level is optional).

- Range: The range that you can affect your opponent in.

- Duration: How many Seconds/Shots it lasts, be very realistic in this side so no mess ups happen.

- Description: What does the Jutsu exactly do (from 2 - 4 lines).

- Hand Seals: The number of hand seals you should use (Optional, but it would be better if you mention it).

- Chakra: How many seconds or minutes of chakra gathering you need, and the amount of chakra the jutsu uses up (Optional, but it would be better if you mention it).

And Thank You
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Jutsu Rules & Guides
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