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 Character Sheet Template

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PostSubject: Character Sheet Template   Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:27 am

Before you can make a sheet you should go through all of theses forums:

- http://akatsukiforever.forumotion.com/rules-guides-announcements-f21/
- http://akatsukiforever.forumotion.com/the-ninja-academy-f23/
- http://akatsukiforever.forumotion.com/village-sign-ups-f22/
- http://akatsukiforever.forumotion.com/clan-kg-sign-ups-f24/
- http://akatsukiforever.forumotion.com/jutsus-sign-ups-f25/

Read what they contain carefully, do what they tell you to do, approve your village/Rogue sheet, get your KG and Jutsus, join a clan if you want to and don't forget to pass the academy exam.

And remember to keep track of your sheet (we don't want any mistakes), but the Council will check them each few days to keep everything balanced.

These are the steps to create your sheet:

- Name: Your Name that the Council modifies for you (to avoid mess ups).

- Gender: Your sex.

- Nickname: Any nickname you chose for your self.

- Rank: Your Classification (E,D,C,B,A,S,Rogue) and your rank (Student, Genin....), Read the "Ranks" thread before you post.

- Village: Your village or Org's name "if you have one" (if not just write N/A), if your a Monk write "Temple Monk".

- Clan: Your Clan (if not in a clan write N/A).

- Wins - Losses: How many wins you had - How many loses, practice does not count, and make sure that the numbers are the same at the council (or you will be punished).

- Missions: How many missions you have completed (approved by the council).

- Elements: Your Chakra element and your favorite jutsu type (ninjutsu, genjutsu, kinjutsu...etc).

- Dream: your plans and hopes.

- Personal Info: Info about your character including (Length, Weight, Blood type, Story, History, Biography...etc).

- Picture: an anime picture your appearance (you could get a normal "non-episoded" anime character) or you could go here and create one: http://www.azdressup.com/movies-tv/naruto-character-maker.html

* Post in your sheet and the Council will approve it for you, remember you can't add anything that you don't have!

* Monks should have there Jutsus signed in the council, Rogues should have there jutsus signed in there gruop and the council!
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Character Sheet Template
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