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 TDS C.sheet

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The Demon Shukaku

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PostSubject: TDS C.sheet   Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:39 pm

- Name: Lord TDS

- Gender: Male

- Nickname: The Golden Sand Beast

- Rank: A-class Kazekage

- Village: The Village Hidden In the Sand Storm

- Clan: The Sand Clan

- Wins - Losses: 0-0

- Missions: N/A

- Elements: Earth (Juinjutsu)

- Dream: To make my village feared by all and shining at the top.

- Personal Info: Info Length (185cm), weight (85 kg), blood type (A), story (when I was a child everyone hated me in the sand village because I have the sand beast power - they thought I was dangerous -, it continued until one day ... a weird monster attacked the village, I saw the village falling apart, I was very scared that I pea on pants, then I lost my minds and got crazy which released my powers, I transformed into the Demon Shukaku and blasted that monster in one breath, then I came back to normal and from the day everyone loved me and I was promoted as a Kazekage)

- Picture:

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TDS C.sheet
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